Oak Tree Music

Oak Tree MusicTaylor is delighted to announce that she has been added to the roster at Oak Tree Music.

'Oak Tree Music specialises in providing hand-picked songwriters, bands and musicians for live performances and recording sessions. Our sound is earthy and rootsy, mixed with other folk and acoustic elements. It is always genuine, organic and real.'

View Taylor's profile here: https://oaktreemusic.co.uk/taylor-giacoma/

Stockport Plus LGBT History Month

LGBT History Month 2020Taylor will be appearing on Thursday 27 February at a musical evening of celebration at the close of of LGBT History Month presented by Stockport Plus. The event runs from 7pm-9pm and will include light refreshments, friendly chat, and of course music - you might even find yourself singing along!

"LGBT+ PLUS is a grass roots social group which was founded under the original name 'People Like Us Stockport' in March 2004 by local members of Stockport's LGBT+ community. We remain a very popular and growing social group as we work to continually develop our programme offering. In 2019 on our 15th Anniversary we proudly re-launched ourselves with an entirely brand new look as the newly evolved 'LGBT+ PLUS'.

Our main aims are to provide support and to increase general wellbeing by bringing the LGBT+ community together to socialise and inform each other, whilst also actively remaining interconnected with the wider LGBT+ network nationally and beyond both online and offline."

Stockport Mind

A recent fundraiser at Semitone Studios organised by Taylor Giacoma has raised both money and awareness for Stockport Mind.

'Stockport Mind is a local, independent adult mental health charity, supporting people in the Stockport area.' Though affiliated to National Mind, the work of Stockport Mind is made possible largely due to the generosity of volunteers and independent fundraisers. 

Taylor wanted the release of her latest single, Lucy, to reach out to those who need mental health help.

Lucy is a story about the journey from darkness to light. I began to write Lucy whilst walking along the Ta' Cenc cliffs in Gozo, Malta, or rather I should say she came to me. I had been doing some reading about Lucia of Syracuse, perhaps better known as Saint Lucy, following a visit to the Citadel in the capital where I encountered the remains of Saint Lucida. As ever with a journey, you never know where you'll end up, and though I started by trying to find out about Saint Lucida, I ended up finding out about Saint Lucia/Saint Lucy. She was ultimately murdered for being unwilling to live her life according to what society expected of her, one of many Christians martyred in the Diocletianic Persecution at the end of the third/beginning of the fourth century. She was very much on my mind that afternoon walking in Ta Cenc, and what would later become the chorus of the song came to me almost in one piece. I wrote other bits and pieces as they came to me, but none of it quite made sense. It wasn't until months later when I woke from a vivid dream which was certainly inspired by the cliffs that I knew the song was meant to be about more than Lucy. It was a nightmare, now alluded to in the bridge of Lucy, and I realised that Lucy inspired me because she followed her own light to the end, even facing the darkness of death. I went on a run - one of the many things I do to improve my sometimes challenging mental health - and suddenly the little bits that I'd written up until that point suddenly made sense: The story I needed to tell was my own, as well as hers. I looked next for how to put into musical terms the darkness I have faced in dealing with depression and anxiety. At times (and still) I feel a bit exposed; it is not easy describing my own battles with mental illness and the darkest of the dark. But art, like life, isn't always easy, and I wrote it as best I could. I asked Patrick McKenzie to record the song at Semitone Studios, and we worked tirelessly to capture not just the notes but the meaning, the heart of the song. I chose 13 December to release the song because it is Saint Lucy Day, and I chose Stockport Mind to benefit from the first couple weeks of its release because it's a fantastic local charity that is there for people in the darkest of the dark. Particularly at Christmas time, when everything around us seems glittery and light, the dark can be overwhelming. Though it was just £155 collected on two consecutive Friday nights at Semitone, that's 31 people at risk of suicide who Stockport Mind can help at the other end of the phone (at £5 each, info via Stockport Mind). So for two weeks, I sang for those 31 people.

New Song! Lucy

Lucy by Taylor GiacomaTaylor is releasing her new song, Lucy, on Friday 13 December.

'A journey through the darkest of dark towards the hope of light. Inspired by the life of Lucy of Syracuse, who bravely walked the earth in the fourth century'.'

Lucy is now available on major digital platforms - listen to it on Spotify or iTunes now!

Taylor will play Lucy at Semitone Studios at the live music event on Friday 13 December, where she will also have download cards available in exchange for donations to Stockport Mind.

Stockport Mind is a local, independent adult mental health charity, supporting people in the Stockport area.


Christmas with Hullabaloo

Lyme Hall Christmas Taylor Giacoma HullabalooTaylor will be conducting Hullabaloo throughout the Christmas season at venues across East Cheshire and Greater Manchester. 

Shows open to the public include:

Semitone Studios Friday 20 December 

St. Chad's Handforth Saturday 21 December

Lyme Hall Friday 13 December, Friday 20 December, Monday 23 December, Tuesday 24 December

For a full listing of these shows, click here.

Picnic Club Christmas Special, a WSO event

Picnic Area Christmas SpecialTaylor is performing on Wedneday 18 December at the Picnic Club Christmas Special at the Fuel Bar, 448 Wilmslow Road, Withington from 8 pm to 11 pm.  Admission is free.

This is a WE SHALL OVERCOME anti-austerity event so people are encouraged to bring along groceries for local foodbanks.

The event is hosted by Picnic Area and other performers are CP Lee, Robinson Beard, Flicker Road and Dave Rigby.

More information



Wilmslow Guild Christmas Concert

Taylor GiacomaTaylor is conducting the four Wilmslow Guild Singing for Fun choirs as well as Hullabaloo in their end of term Christmas concert at 7.30pm on Tuesday 3 December at the Wilmslow Guild.  The four choirs meet weekly through the term and come together for this concert.

Tickets are available from the Wilmslow Guild.







Wilmslow Guild

Stockport for Peace Event

Taylor is performing at an Acoustic Music Evening at the Navigation Inn, Marple on the evening of Wednesday 27 November at 7.30pm hosted by Stockport for Peace.

Other performers are George Borowski, Claire Mooney and The Red Herring Band.

There is free public parking and a bus stop nearby.

Admission is free but £5 (or what you can afford) is the suggested donation.

Proceeds to Greater Manchester and District CND.





James Martin Manchester

Taylor is performing at James Martin Manchester on Saturday 31 August.

James Martin is known for its award-winning food but also offers diners and customers at the bar the opportunity to listen to live music.  Taylor will be playing and singing from 7-11 pm.


More information


Allen Buxton Express and Friends at the Buxton Festival

Taylor Giacoma Buxton FringeTaylor will be performing as a featured artist with Allen Buxton Express and Friends at The Cheshire Cheese, Buxton, SK17 6HA starting at 8pm on the evening of Thursday 18 July during the Buxton Festival.

The Buxton Festival is recognised nationally and internationally as one of Britain’s leading arts festivals, a summer celebration of the very best music and literature at the heart of the Peak District.  It has a lively Fringe providing a showcase for performers and artists of all kinds in a variety of venues.  Many venues in Buxton arrange events during the Festival and this is one such.





Buxton Festival Fringe: Fringe @ 5

Buxton Festival Fringe


Taylor will be performing at the Buxton Festival Fringe on Friday 12 July at 5pm as the Fringe @ 5 performer in the Buxton Pavilion Gardens Bandstand, entertaining people gathering for the evening events at the Buxton Festival, an annual summer festival of opera, music, and literature.  The Buxton Pavilion is the hub of the Festival.

This is the fortieth year of the Buxton Festival Fringe which runs from Wednesday 3 July to Wednesday 24 July.  The Fringe provides a showcase for performers and artists of all kinds in a variety of venues and is one of the largest fully independent Fringes in Britain. 

More information

James Martin Manchester

Taylor GiacomaTaylor is performing at a special event at James Martin Manchester on Tuesday 16 July.

On this occasion there is a 'dinner with James Martin' when you can enjoy a question and answer session with award winning chef James Martin, together with a five course dinner and matching wines.

Diners and guests at the bar have the opportunity to listen to live music.  Taylor will be playing and singing from 6-10pm.

More information and booking